Biography of Zaneeque the vocalist.


Words that best describe him are creativity, assertive, artistic, easy-going and life loving. Zaneeque fell in love with music in church at the tender age of 8 by the time he was 9 years old, he had already realized his gift in singing. He was at that time a lead vocalist for his church sunday service and sang alongside people 10 years older than himself in his church boys choir.


There was a time when he would sit his family down in the lounge and stage a show for them. Belting out well known gospel and ragae music. As a teenager Zaneeque was a lead vocalist for his local church choir and a 3 piece gospel group he had formed with his two other friends he made an attempt for a recording session and was not possible due to the fact that he was still a minor at school.


After high school Zaneeque dedicated a lot of his time to music, which led to him performing alongside big name artists in South Africa. There after mr Zaneeque fell inlove with house music in 2004 and had only been a fan of the music genre up untill 2011 when he first teamed up with Polokwane province based Dj's from then he's worked with various dj's and different instrument performers.


Highlights of his career so far are staging a successful and still spoken about one man show at Cargo lounge. Zaneeque worked with a remarkable number of sa dj's songs and established and up coming. But the biggest highlight so far is to have the honor of working with producer/DjAdriano deep