Teen Days came along and the music industry evolved and new genres emerged. During the final years of 90's and the introduction to the new millennium in the horizon, came the Electronic Dance scene in South Africa. Turn tables and mixers arrived and became an instant hit and contributing factor to the modernizing and ever evolving DJ world and promoting house music into prominence in the global music industry. Techno, Trance, Progressive, electro and deep house genres arrived and people fell in love with the new music. There after many sub genres were born, that now have a positive effect on "Not-so-sales popular genres like soul, blues, reggae, jazz in the past has now given new life to these genres and growing more popular in modern society creating an overall positive effect to other genres. Fact is the emergence of house music has captured the ear and feet of audiences across the globe.

During his teen days he was introduced to various music production software. Got to grips with functionality and understanding of various software programs and found the perfect duo in Propellerheads Reason and Protools for vocal mixdowns became his base and developed a unique ability through thousands of hours of work over a period of 12 years has and established a unique ear for sound, vocal recording's / vocal coaching, song writing and has developed the ear to master sound. Producer / Dj Adriano Deep is the type of producer that develops consistently on a daily basis by his contributing work ethic and is growing from strength to strength. Like Beethoven once said "Practice makes Perfect" So did he base his foundation on advice from the music greats in time.


Producer / Dj Adriano Deep believes in being humble and the kind of person everyone can relate to and reflect a positive image that is not driven by ego or greed but the guidance of the lord and hard work. It is the love for music that got him to where he is in his music creation ability. He states that everything else is just a bonus and the most rewarding is appreciation of your work. Producer / Dj Adriano Deep strives to be an example and inspirational story for aspiring future youth to one day look up to. As part of his future vision and goals his idea is too develop music talent creating artists with an identity and great role models for communities to look up too. Creating music promotion and a network of music talent with vision.


One morning he woke up with two words on his mind and had an inspiration to the calling and began asking himself questions regarding a sustainable future in music production. And so he started brainstorming various concepts and ideology. Did engage in extensive research in the following: Music industry understanding, Marketing, business models, Franchising, advertisement, IT, Media, Ngo cause and of late cgi visual production development. And as a result he developed his own business concept with various expansion capabilities. Because of the lord's influence in Producer / Dj Adriano's life. He the lord has given him a purpose and direction that has lit his path in life.



Key words best to describe the building blocks to the personality of Producer / Dj Adriano Deep is will, determination, innovation, creativity and productivity with a natural artistic and business mind. Producer / Dj Adriano Deep began his love for music at the tender age of 7.


It all began at his feet moving to the beat. One holiday out with his family to a holiday resort in the early 90's. There was a music event with a reggae band so he and a girl as young as they were on a warm summers day with a scent of barbecue meat in the air danced in a crowd to the music and were entertained. His first ever music tape was the tape UB40's "Rat In The Kitchen" And although the lyrical content of the song never really stuck to him the rest of the album did as well as other reggae, vocal and Caribbean percussion elements.


And up till this very date can distinctively identify a Caribbean influence to his unique soulful Caribbean deep house blend. Reggae, Soul, Blues, R&B, Jazz are the foundation to his music production ability and variation in the deep house genre to date. During his childhood days his exposure to music was not limited to one genre as he liked various kinds of music which all has a contributing factor to his creativity in composing music to this very day.