About Notorious Image Productions / Image Capsule Records

Notorious Image Productions was founded through the mastermind of producer/songwriter/arranger, Mike Stone.


Mike has a long history of music experience, going all the way back to his first time studying music, and playing an instrument of Flute at the age of 8. Then, Mike went on to study piano at the age of 11, and after that, he went on to master the art of playing Drums/Percussion at the age of 13.


With the craft that Mike had created for himself, over the years of learning music, he now had the ability to create new music and arrange it just like the way the professionals had done it back then. The next thing that Mike had to master was the engineering and sound production, and it didn't take him a long time to learn that craft, either.


While learning from the music pioneers, who had given him the proper advice that he needed to complete the puzzle of his future music career, he was now ready to show the world what he now has.He began to start writing his new music at the age of 23, and he met some young, talented musicians, along the way.

At that point, Mike decided to record some new tracks at his small recording studio to see what the outcome would be for the music, that he composed. The results, at that time, were great, but his craft, as he felt, still needed to be worked on before he can release his dragon of musical talent.As time went on, he continued to polish up on his work, and now to this day, he has finally graduated from the music school that he studied so hard at mastering. What you are now seeing, and hearing, is the work of Mike Stone & his music......now known to the world as Notorious Image Productions.Plus, a new record label has surfaced in his finding...Introducing Image Capsule Records.