Erin is the producers youngest sister and some how had a influence on her musically. The producer watched her growing

up singing along to her favorite music on her mobile through her

earphones. The producer told her if she has a dream she should

work hard and believe in herself. The producer had a positive effect

on her with regard to developing her singing ability due to the fact 

that she qualified to participate in school choir. Luckily she has a

older brother who is now at this stage quite experienced it is a benefit to her singing activities. The producer decided to work with

his sister and perhaps turn her into the next local South African

deep house sensation she has alot to learn yet and there is always

room for  improvment. She also needs to raise funds for a international tour so the producer will feature her in a few releases

and help get the best out of her vocal potential. Stay tuned for songs done with Erin.