Collaboration USA/RSA

Earmarked through producer Louis Blake Jnr.

The collaborative efforts between Conolou Pro Tech (USA) Seven Accord Studios (RSA) has a specific vocal style that songs have been written in by producer

Adriano Deep. In the mould of the legendary old school feel good happy music Crooner/Folk. 5 specific songs have been chosen for the "Flipperachie" project

a organic introduction to the signature sound and concept in mind the challenge is to re invent time within the Deep/Soulful house genre and currently the

signature sound design of Dj/producer Adriano Deep. The project has not been limited though like minds engament will be quite suprising and something new to

look foward to in the ever changing music world it is time to re introduce some of the old school now.

Stay tuned for tracks:

No Confusion


Getting closer

Ms Simone


Conolou Pro Tech / Seven Accord Studios collaborations


Artist: Jerome Bagby " Flipperachie "

Inspired by and with a sound that will remind you of John Legend and Tyrese, Fliperachie is a singer/songwriter who masterfully combines R&B

with pop and hip-hop. As well as an authentic sound with his soulful vocals to give his album, U Can Be, a unique experience

along with some impactful substance that many can relate to.


Fliperachie, is a singer/songwriter, and aspiring actor who began his musical career when in a church choir and family group, leading songs while just in elementary school.

He began entering and winning some local talent competitions and being recruited some traveling highschool singing groups while in highschool.

By the time he was a senior he was singing the Star Spangle Banner at various special events. Years later, Fliperachie began writing his own songs,

and after running into problems concerning visitation of his 5yr. old son at the time he finally completed the song on the U Can Be project,

Make'et RT. He then began to see that some of his best material came from some of the hardships he faced in life. For example, the song, This Is It,

came from him making a choice to overcome drug and alcohol abuse that he fell into from a series of losses and then losing both his biological father

 and step-dad to cancer. After overcoming his own personal battles he then chose to let his battles be a source of inspiration to others and completed

the debut album, U Can Be. He continues to work on projects and co-founded the group ONC Boyz, inwhich their debut project is currently in production.