Professional Summary: Louis M Blake Jnr

Managment Professional dedicated to contributors process improvment in the face of rapidly

evolving and changing world of secular and non-secular music. Talented Musician/Director

focused on producing positive and corporate Praise and Worship through the understanding

of effective choice of music coupled with the ability to apply technology,personnel and spirit

that will be conducive to an appealing Worship enviroment for the masses. 


  • Exceptional Interpersonal Communication  ( able to communicate effectively to produce)

  • Effective Leader                                              (team results by the virtue of military)

  • Budget Developer                                            (background which entails much leadership,

  • Client Account Managment                             accountability, financial managment,training,

  • Staff Training/Development                            and personal development.)

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Collaboration USA/RSA

Through business professional network Louis M Blake of ConlouProTech found Dj/Producer Adriano Deep of Seven Accord Studios

and made contact with him on potential collaborative projects.

With his experiece and ear for the older kinds of genres the decision to engage was not a hard one due to certain genres the producer 

is inpired by. He is in the house of the lord the best vocal abilities birth place. For the producer to engage with older generation producers

with the vision to engage in the modern genres of today is but only an honor.

Stay tuned for what is to come out of the malgamation of both creatives efforts.